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Preorder – Forever Yours – Out 26 Dec!

FOREVER YOURS (Carmen’s Story): The Levanté Sisters Series – Book 4
Available for preorder from Amazon

A new start…
After finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Carmen is devastated. How could she not have seen this coming? The warning signs were there, but she was blinded by love. Never again will she fall into that trap. With her opera-singing career on the rise, Carmen moves to London for a new start. She signs with the up-and-coming boutique artist agency, Adagio, run by the charismatic and dynamic Jet Anderson. Despite their obvious attraction, Jet is lethal with women, and Carmen is determined not to fall under his spell. A task that is easier said than done…

An old wound…
Jet has met hundreds of beautiful women in his life but none are a match for the Spanish-born opera singer, Carmen Levanté. After a devastating relationship destroyed his first marriage and ended his own singing career, Jet is determined to hold the exotic and talented beauty at a distance. That is until Carmen gets beneath his skin, and he begins to fall…

Forever Yours is the fourth book in the Levante sisters series by Amazon Bestselling author Louise Rose-Innes. If you like gut-wrenching romance and an emotional happy ever after, then this book is for you!


New Release – Undercurrent – Out Now!


P.I. Munro Crane Romantic Thriller series – Book 1
Available from Amazon

Crane’s deadliest case yet…
When Crane’s client asks him to spy on his wife, his first impulse is to refuse. He doesn’t do those kinds of jobs. But the man saved his life in Afghanistan, so he owes him. Reluctantly, Crane agrees to keep Sarah under surveillance but when she gives him the slip, his suspicions are immediately aroused. As he uncovers Sarah’s secret, his loyalty is put to the test and he has to decide which side he’s on in the search for the truth.

A shocking discovery…
When Sarah’s high school sweetheart dies in a mysterious boating accident, she feels compelled to investigate, but she has to keep it a secret from her possessive and controlling husband. When her suspicions are proved true, and she knows she’s got to escape the monster that she’s married to, but there is no way out. If she wants to stay alive, she’s got to keep pretending. Then Crane comes along. He’s been hired to watch her, but she can sense he’s a good man. When they join forces, sparks fly, but will he help her escape the nightmare that is her marriage and bring her husband to justice?

Undercurrent is the first book in the P.I. Munro Crane romantic thriller series. If you like fast-paced adventure, gripping suspense, and sizzling romance then you’ll love this first installment in Louise Rose-Innes’ page-turning series.


Coming Soon – Death at a Country Mansion – Out 1 Feb!

Daisy Thorne English Murder Mystery Series – Book 1
Available for preorder

A shocking murder rocks a quaint English village. Hairdresser-turned-sleuth, Daisy Thorne, investigates.
Daisy Thorne’s pride and joy is her hair salon, Ooh La La, and because almost everyone in the village has been in it at some point or another, there’s not much that goes on that Daisy doesn’t know about. When her best friend Floria’s mother – the famous opera diva, Dame Serena Levanté – is murdered in her country mansion and a valuable painting is stolen, Floria begs Daisy to investigate.
Assigned to the case is gruff-but-effective DI Paul McGuinness who, at first, is against any involvement by the vivacious hairdresser, but after a while, comes to realize her local knowledge just might hold the key to solving the mystery. As Daisy and DI McGuinness work their way through the growing suspect list, they have to figure out which clues are relevant and which are not, in their hunt for the killer.

If you love a bit of a mystery, especially one set in a quaint English village then you’ll love this series.  DEATH AT A COUNTRY MANSION, Book 1 in the Daisy Thorne series, releases February 2019. 


The Levanté Sisters Series

Want to find out more about Daisy’s famous friends? Why not read all about their champagne-filled, tumultuous love-lives in the Levanté series?


About The Author

Louise Rose-Innes is an English writer, however, most of her childhood was spent in Africa. She grew up on the wild sub-tropical east coast of South Africa and spent most of her time exploring the rainforests or kayaking on the river that ran through the bottom of their garden.

In A PASSION SO WILD, her giveaway novel, she draws strongly on this experience, which is evident in the rich descriptions of the Congolese jungle and the gorilla sanctuary on which the novel is set.

Her latest release, the romantic thriller UNDERCURRENT, explores the longing for excitement that her main character, P.I. Munro Crane experiences after being discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, and his subsequent foray into extreme sports, particularly white-water kayaking.

A keen surfer, kayaker and all-round watersports fanatic, Louise relates strongly to the adrenalin rush that her hero feels when conquering the dangerous rapids of the Little White Salmon River near to where he lives in Washington.

Find out more about her here.