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New Release! – Going Rogue

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She blames him for her boyfriend’s death. He knows she’s right. Yet he’s the only one who can get her out of there alive.

Lilly has no choice but to trust the tough, sexy ex-special forces operative to guide her out of the Afghan mountains to safety. As Grant leads her across the unforgiving terrain, risking his life to protect her, Lilly can’t deny her growing feelings or the intense physical attraction between them.

Grant feels it too, but giving in to his desire would mean betraying his best mate’s memory, and that’s not something he’s prepared to do. Not even for the girl of his dreams.

What reviewers had to say: 
“Holy guacamole! This was one of the most compelling reads this year and I’m a prolific reader.”
“Raw, gritty, intense and compassionate.”
“Full of love and sexual tension.”
“This reads more like an action film or television episode than it does a romance.”
“An intense story of survivor’s guilt and overcoming great obstacles to find you can love again.”
“If you only buy one book this year make sure it’s this one.”

A sexy, standalone military romance by Amazon bestselling author, Louise Rose-Innes.

Preorder – Rogue Justice

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Reluctant Tour Guide, Anna Swanepoel finds herself stuck in the African bush when her tour bus breaks down and her driver disappears. When her African guide turns up dead, Anna realizes she is now solely responsible for getting these tourists to safety, not an easy feat when you are surrounded by wild animals, sparring tribes and illegal poachers.

Cole Armstrong is out of the British Special Forces for all of 23 days. On his first holiday ever, he decides to explore Africa, and now he finds himself stuck in the middle of a local war zone with people turning up dead and a bunch of hapless tourists led by a totally incompetent tour guide who barely seems to be keeping it together. After vowing never to pick up a weapon again, Cole knows he is the only person who can save them.

A sexy, standalone military romance by Amazon bestselling author, Louise Rose-Innes.



About The Author

Louise Rose-Innes is an English writer, however, most of her childhood was spent in Africa. She grew up on the wild sub-tropical east coast of South Africa and spent most of her time exploring the rainforests or kayaking on the river that ran through the bottom of their garden.

In A PASSION SO WILD, her giveaway novel, she draws strongly on this experience, which is evident in the rich descriptions of the Congolese jungle and the gorilla sanctuary on which the novel is set.

Her latest release, the romantic thriller UNDERCURRENT, explores the longing for excitement that her main character, P.I. Munro Crane experiences after being discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, and his subsequent foray into extreme sports, particularly white-water kayaking.

A keen surfer, kayaker and all-round watersports fanatic, Louise relates strongly to the adrenalin rush that her hero feels when conquering the dangerous rapids of the Little White Salmon River near to where he lives in Washington.

Find out more about her here.