Meet Louise

I live between two worlds. The most fascinating by far is the world of successful, adventurous men and beautiful, feisty women, of exotic locations and passionate romance. I love to travel and am fascinated by interesting destinations that influence the characters or contribute to the conflict of the story in some way.

The Italian Inheritance, my bestselling contemporary romance novel, is set on the glamorous island of Capri. The Bahamas is the setting for The Love Formula, including the prerequisite hurricane which (quite literally) throws the hero and heroine together. In The New Year Resolution, I set the novel, also on an island, but a luxury resort off the coast of Mozambique in Africa. This wild, beautiful setting inspires passion and romance in two workaholic characters who can’t help but fall under its spell. These three books I’ve called my Island Romance series, although they’re all stand-alones.

In utter contrast, the volatile Middle East is the war-torn setting for my romantic suspense novel, Personal Assistance about a damaged SAS soldier and a woman who desperately needs his help. While A Passion So Wild, about veterinarian-in-peril Lexi and the ex-SAS soldier, Sir Anthony, is set in one of the world’s most dangerous hot-spots, the Congo jungle. Visit my books page to find out more about these.

The other world is just as real. It is one where I am a mother, WordPress web designer (for authors) and instructor at Luckily, I get to work from home where I can potter in my herb garden, drink copious amounts of tea, and spend every afternoon curled up with my laptop, writing.

I love to connect with my readers, so please look me up on FACEBOOK or TWITTER, or follow me on BookBub or Amazon. If you want to contact me directly, please do. Don’t forget, you can join my Readers Club and get A Passion So Wild for free!

Happy reading…

~ Louise