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I write my cozy mysteries under a slightly different pen name to differentiate between these and my romance novels. While my English murder mysteries do have an element of romance in them, particularly the sizzling sexual tension between amateur sleuth Daisy Thorne and the gruff but handsome Detective Inspector Paul McGuinness, they are not classified as romance. They are very definitely cozy murder mysteries with a dead body, an eclectic mix of suspects, a confusing cacophony of clues and red-herrings and a satisfying but surprising end – as well as a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. If this sounds like your kind of thing, read on…

Death at a Country Mansion is the first installment in my English Village Murder Mystery series. It’s set in the quaint Surrey village of Edgemead and features local hairdresser-turned-sleuth, Daisy Thorne, owner of Ooh La La hair salon. You may have met Daisy in one of my previous books, First Attempt, a contemporary romance and the first in my Levanté Sisters series. Daisy is a friend of spirited socialite, Floria Levanté, whose life spins out of control when her mother, the famous opera diva is murdered. In Death at a Country Mansion, Daisy helps Floria solve the mystery of who killed her mother, Dame Serena.

Death at a Country Mansion
(Daisy Thorne English Village Mystery – Book 1)

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A shocking murder in a sleepy English village featuring hairdresser-turned-sleuth, Daisy Thorne.

Daisy Thorne’s pride and joy is her hair salon, Ooh La La, and because almost everyone in the village has been in it at some point or another, there’s not much that goes on that Daisy doesn’t know about. When her best friend Floria’s mother – the famous opera diva, Dame Serena Levanté – is murdered in her country mansion and a valuable painting is stolen, Floria begs Daisy to investigate.

Assigned to the case is gruff-but-effective DI Paul McGuinness who, at first, is against any involvement by the vivacious hairdresser, but after a while, comes to realize her local knowledge just might hold the key to solving the mystery.
As Daisy and DI McGuinness work their way through the growing suspect list, they have to figure out which clues are relevant and which are not, in their hunt for the killer.

If you like a cozy mystery, especially one set in a typical English village, then you’ll love this glamorous, page-turning series.

Read the first few chapters:

Chapter One

The ice in her glass tinkled provocatively as the scotch hit it. Another marriage in tatters. Her fourth, in fact. Serena shook her head and took a big gulp, feeling the whiskey encase her in a golden glow as it went down. Bastard. How could Collin do this to her?  With an air-hostess, of all people. What the hell was he thinking?

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