Cozy Mysteries

Louise R. Innes

I write my cozy mysteries under a slightly different pen name to differentiate between these and my romance novels. While my English murder mysteries do have an element of romance in them, particularly the sizzling sexual tension between amateur sleuth Daisy Thorne and the gruff but handsome Detective Inspector Paul McGuinness, they are not classified as romance. They are very definitely cozy murder mysteries with a dead body, an eclectic mix of suspects, a confusing cacophony of clues and red-herrings and a satisfying but surprising end – as well as a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. If this sounds like your kind of thing, read on…

Death at the Seaside is the prelude to the whole Daisy Thorne series and is available for FREE. Simply enter your details below and I’ll send it over to you.

Death at the Seaside

Overworked and reeling from her recent breakup, Daisy accompanies her best friend Floria to the English seaside resort of Devon for a much-needed summer break. When their hostess, the eccentric artist Edith Novak is stabbed to death in cold blood, the whole household is shocked. Since this is the local police detective’s first murder case, Daisy decides to help out.

With most of their fellow guests at a party and those in the house accounted for, it seems impossible that any one of them could be responsible for the grisly murder. As Daisy unravels what really happened that night, she realises that the killer is smarter and more ruthless than she ever imagined. It won’t be easy, but Daisy knows she has to outwit the murderer before an innocent man is charged with the crime.


You may have met Daisy in one of my previous books, First Attempt, a contemporary romance and the first in my Levanté Sisters series. Daisy is a friend of spirited socialite, Floria Levanté, whose life spins out of control when her mother, the famous opera diva is murdered.

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