A Glamorous Contemporary Romance Series

A Glamorous Contemporary Romance Series

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TheLevanté Sisters contemporary romance series is about four glamorous sisters who overcome family scandal and adversary to find true love. Each book is a stand-alone romance.

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She’s looking for love. He’s trapped in a loveless relationship. Together, they might just be the perfect match.

FIRST ATTEMPT is the first book in the glamorous ‘from-friends-to-lovers’Levanté sisters series by Amazon Bestselling Author, Louise Rose-Innes. If you like a tender, developing relationship and impossible-to-ignore sexual tension, then you’ll love Floria and Josh’s story.

After being dumped by her politician boyfriend for causing a scandal and reeling from the death of her famous opera-singer mother, party-girl Floria doesn’t think life can get any worse. Then she discovers she’s got three half-sisters, all of whom are coming to the funeral. It’s one of her sisters who convinces her to use her reputation to her advantage, and starts her own party-planning company – and so Prima Donna Productions is born! Floria is determined to prove to herself and her stuffy ex, that she’s more than just an empty-headed socialite.

Through one of her newfound sisters, she meets the charming, rescuer of damsels-in-distress, Josh Graham. The strong, capable finance whizz agrees to help her set up her new company, but their instant chemistry has Floria wanting much more. Except business and pleasure should never mix, and Josh already has a girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend – a skinny super-model girlfriend. How can Floria, with her voluptuous figure and her less than stellar reputation possibly compete?

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She’s still reeling after her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal. He’s only after a fling. Could their one-night-stand turn into something much more serious?

After her humiliating public break-up with lead singer, Kyle, Mimi’s career – and her heart – is in tatters. Booed off stage and labeled a brat, she doubts she’ll ever work as a backing singer again. Then shocking news takes her to London, where she discovers she’s the illegitimate daughter of Dame Serena Levanté, one of the world’s best-known opera singers. Buoyed up by the revelation that she comes from a talented musical family, and armed with her substantial inheritance, Mimi is determined to make it as a pop star in her own right. She’s been given a second chance, and she’s not going to waste it, so when the delectable Rob comes into her life, Mimi is determined to keep him at an arm’s length. The last thing she needs is another unsuitable male to distract her from her career goals. Except, like everything else in Mimi’s life, things have a knack of getting complicated.



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She’s after a brand new start. He’s fallen for her big time. Will he be able to melt her heart enough for them both to find true love? 

Donna’s problem is she’s too naive. She knows that. Her ex-fiancé strung her along for years when all the time he was married with no intention of leaving his rich wife. Then, when her birth mother dies, leaving her a legacy and a life-line, she packs up and moves to England. Here, she meets her three sisters and is welcomed into a life more glamorous than she ever imagined.

A talented violinist, Donna plays at her late mother’s funeral, wowing the congregation with her skill and mesmerizing beauty. She also grabs the attention of her late mother’s solicitor, Greg, who being tall, charming and successful, is used to getting any woman he desires – and he’s out to get Donna.

Fresh from her breakup and determined to focus on her musical career, Donna is not interested in being anything more than friends, but as their friendship develops, she realizes she’s more than a little infatuated with Greg. The only problem is Donna is not prepared to put her heart on the line again. Not for anyone.


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A stand-alone ‘forbidden love’ romance by Amazon Bestselling Author, Louise Rose-Innes. 

A new start…
After finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Carmen is devastated. How could she not have seen this coming? The warning signs were there, but she was blinded by love. Never again will she fall into that trap. With her opera-singing career on the rise, Carmen moves to London for a new start. She signs with the up-and-coming boutique artist agency, Adagio, run by the charismatic and dynamic Jet Anderson. Despite their obvious attraction, Jet is lethal with women, and Carmen is determined not to fall under his spell. A task that is easier said than done…

An old wound…
Jet has met hundreds of beautiful women in his life but none are a match for the Spanish-born opera singer, Carmen Levanté. After a devastating relationship destroyed his first marriage and ended his own singing career, Jet is determined to hold the exotic and talented beauty at a distance. That is until Carmen gets beneath his skin, and he begins to fall…

FOREVER YOURS is the fourth book in the Levanté Sisters sisters series by Amazon Bestselling author Louise Rose-Innes but can be read as a stand-alone romance. If you like gut-wrenching romance and an emotional happy ever after, then this book is for you!

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