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Personal Assistance, the first of my romantic suspense novels, is now on sale at 99c/99p. This is a steamy adrenalin-rush of a story featuring Hannah Evans, personal assistant to the Prince of Syman, who gets trapped in the Arab country during an uprising. The British embassy is shut, and the only person who can help her is disgraced SAS soldier, Tom Wilde, who is posted to the volatile Arab nation as a form of punishment.

She needs his help to get her to safety. He sees her as a way to redeem himself. Can they save each other?

Personal Assistance (Entangled Ignite)

Trapped in a country in the midst of a rebellion, Hannah Evans is on the run for her life. Her only hope of escape is to join forces with disgraced Special Forces operative Tom Wilde, who is overseeing the extraction of all British nationals from the embassy. It’s a form of punishment for his last failed mission, from which neither his body, nor his mind, has fully recovered. When he meets Hannah, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself. The information she holds is important enough to end the civil war—all he needs to do is get her out of the war-ridden country alive and back to Britain.

The sexual attraction between them is too intense to ignore, but Hannah knows the career-soldier has a hidden agenda. Can she trust him to lead her to safety, or will he sacrifice her in his bid for redemption?

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Praise for Personal Assistance

“Hannah Evans thought that she had the perfect job. She worked for Prince Hakeem in the Arab nation of Syman. Now she is running for her life through a hostile country. She is hunted by men who want her dead. Her savior is SAS officer, Tom Wilde, who is stationed at the British Embassy to recover from a mission gone wrong. Can these two save each other? The suspense is intense and gives a realistic portrayal of the horrors of war. I felt as if I was surrounded by pain and suffering. Hannah is a fascinating character who learns to be strong as she faces death. Tom learns to love as he protects Hannah from those who are hunting her. They are a great couple. This is a very powerful story that I enjoyed very much. What a different look at a desert paradise.” – Amazon

“Personal Assistance appealed to me because of its volatile Middle East setting: an Arab nation on the brink of civil war and the book description’s promise of action, danger and romance. The author does not disappoint in regards to the book’s vivid descriptions of this place, its customs, and the barrage of dangers Hannah and Tom face in their endeavors to escape Prince Hakeem’s clutches. Because Hannah has inadvertently discovered secret intelligence that may prove vital in swaying the outcome of this war, she and Tom must work together to relay this Intel and get back to the safety of Britain. Time is of the essence and, overall, the author keeps the story moving at an effective pace so my interest never waned.” – Amazon