The Rogue Unit

The Rogue Unit

March 7, 2019 0 By admin

Today, I’m talking about my gripping new romantic suspense series, SAS Rogue Unit. The first book, called GOING ROGUE, is coming out in March.

The idea for starting the SAS Rogue Unit came from one of my previous books, Personal Assistance, which featured damaged ex-SAS hero Tom Wilde. I got so many reviews stating how great it was to see the SAS in a romantic suspense novel, that I decided to give you a whole bunch of them!

The SAS Rogue Unit is made up of ex-SAS soldiers who have left the service for one reason or another, and have banded together to serve in an unofficial capacity. They take on dangerous black-ops missions that are deemed too risky or controversial for official organizations. There is no accountability. No back-up. Complete deniability from the government. On paper, they don’t exist.

Each one of the SAS Rogue Unit books contains a stand-alone romantic suspense plot, gripping adventure, and a heartwarming love story. These guys are tough on the outside, but soft on the inside, and each deserves their own happily ever after.

GOING ROGUE is the first book in the series and features damaged ex-SAS soldier, Grant Kerridge, who lost his entire team in an ambush in Afghanistan. He was the sole survivor and he blames himself. Then one of his deceased teammate’s girlfriend goes missing from Kabul, kidnapped by the Taliban. She was ‘on loan’ from the British government, working as a software designer on the Afghani’s military software system and holds vital information that the Taliban are desperate to get their hands on. Determined to honor his friend’s memory, Grant forms a rogue team of ex-soldiers and sets off for the Middle East to get her back. But what he doesn’t count on is his attraction to the feisty, bright software designer or her intense hatred towards him for the death of her boyfriend.

Lillian Devereux has always valued brains over brawn. Graduating from Cambridge University with a first-class degree in computer science and recruited by the British national security company, GCHQ, she is sent to Afghanistan on a mission to assist the Afghan government with their military software updates.  Then her soldier boyfriend dies in an ambush and the bottom falls out of her world. However, she resolves to finish her mission in the hopes that it will end the senseless fighting in the region. As soon as the new system comes online, she is kidnapped by the Taliban who plan to extract top secret codes from her to prevent the government from forcing them out of the opium-rich Helmand Province. With international tensions in the area at boiling point, Lilly is under no illusions about her chances of rescue. It’s just a matter of how long she can hold out before they extract the codes from her. Then through a hail of bullets, she meets rogue agent, Grant Kerridge, a man determined to rescue her no matter what the cost to himself, and she begins to hope again.

Read the first 3 chapters here.

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