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First Attempt (Floria’s Story)

Levanté Sisters series, Book 1


I’m delighted to be giving away FIRST ATTEMPT, the stylish first book in my Levanté Sisters contemporary romance series.

This is Floria’s story…

When her high-flying politician fiance dumps her for causing a scandal, and her mother, the infamous opera diva, Dame Serena Levanté, dies in spectacular fashion, Floria just wants to bury her head in the sand. Could her life get any worse?  Then she discovers she’s got three half-sisters she knew nothing about, all of whom are coming to the funeral. It’s one of her sisters who convinces her to use her bad-girl reputation to her advantage and start her own party-planning company – and so Prima Donna Productions is born!
Floria is determined to prove to herself and her stuffy ex, that she’s more than just an empty-headed socialite.

Through one of her newfound sisters, she meets the charming, rescuer of damsels-in-distress, Josh Graham. The strong, capable finance whizz agrees to help her set up her new company, but their instant chemistry has Floria wanting more. Except business and pleasure should never mix, and Josh already has a girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend – a skinny super-model girlfriend. How can Floria, with her voluptuous figure and her less than stellar reputation possibly compete?

If you like Jilly Cooper, you’ll love First Attempt… A light-hearted, humorous, frolic of a romance by Amazon Bestselling Author, Louise Rose-Innes.