Cover Reveal – Rogue Justice

Cover Reveal – Rogue Justice

April 2, 2019 0 By admin

With GOING ROGUE, the first of my sexy SAS Rogue Unit series of military romances now available on Amazon, it’s time to turn my attention to the next in the series. The inspiration for ROGUE JUSTICE came from a friend of mine who took a job as a tour guide for an African tour company and felt totally out of her element. I was thinking how many things could go wrong in the African bush, having grown up there myself, and thought what a great story it would make, and what a wonderful opportunity for my PTSD-affected hero, Cole Armstrong, to step in and save the day.

South African Anna Swanepoel is a self-confessed nomad. She flits from job to job, wondering the world, unable to settle down or commit to anything. This job as a tour guide is the most recent in a string of similar jobs – a travel writer, a hotel manager in Mykonos and a cocktail waitress in Ibiza. It’s an exciting life – or so she tells herself – but deep down she feels lost and alone. Then she meets the mysterious Cole, a man who blazes into her life and heart when he saves her tour from a would-be ambush on the road north of Nairobi.

Cole Armstrong has been out of the British SAS for just over three weeks. Medically discharged due to PTSD, he is slowly recovering from his last disastrous mission and is taking his first vacation since joining The Regiment eight years ago. He’s always had a hankering to see Africa, to lose himself in the wide open spaces and to marvel at the wildlife and their simplistic but harsh existence. But what he didn’t count on was getting entangled with a beautiful tour guide who desperately needs his help, but who poses the biggest threat of all – to his heart.

For this book, I’ve created a fictitious tour which starts in Kenya and takes in some of the country’s most stunning landmarks such as Mount Kenya, the Masai Mara, and the Nairobi National Park. As many of you know, Africa is not without its risks, and on this trip, our intrepid travelers get ambushed, go on the run, confront wild animals and ivory poachers, and get entangled with some rather unscrupulous Somali gangsters. There isn’t a dull moment in this frantic race across the African landscape, and SAS hero Cole has his work cut out for him. Escape and evasion in the Middle East on his own is one thing, but with a bunch of hapless tourists in tow and a tour guide he can’t keep his hands off is quite another.

I loved writing Anna and Cole’s story, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. It’s available for preorder now on Amazon with other online retailers to follow.


Reluctant Tour Guide, Anna Swanepoel finds herself stuck in the African bush when her tour bus breaks down and her driver disappears. When her African guide turns up dead, Anna realizes she is now solely responsible for getting these tourists to safety, not an easy feat when you are surrounded by wild animals, sparring tribes and illegal poachers.

Cole Armstrong is out of the British Special Forces for all of 23 days. On his first holiday ever, he decides to explore Africa, and now he finds himself stuck in the middle of a local war zone with people turning up dead and a bunch of hapless tourists led by a totally incompetent tour guide who barely seems to be keeping it together. After vowing never to pick up a weapon again, Cole knows he is the only person who can save them.

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