A Modern-Day Love Story with a Mediterranean Twist

A Modern-Day Love Story with a Mediterranean Twist

December 26, 2018 0 By admin

Forever Yours is out now!

My new contemporary romance, Forever Yours, begins in a little Spanish village outside Barcelona and then moves rapidly to glamorous London where Carmen, the heroine, signs with a boutique opera artist agency run by the enigmatic Jet Anderson. This novel is a modern-day love story with a Mediterranean twist. Carmen is Spanish-born, although her birth mother is the world renown opera diva, Dame Serena Levante, who was murdered in her country mansion in book 1 of the series, First Attempt. She is passionate and feisty and has a profound impact on Jet, who up until now, has managed to keep his life carefully controlled and his constant stream of beautiful woman an arm’s length away.

The mid-point of the story sees the hero and heroine back in Barcelona, at Carmen’s father’s finca, a Spanish farmhouse in the Catalonian countryside. There’s a particularly hot kissing scene on a beach south of the city with Frank Gehry’s Golden Fish Sculpture in the sun-drenched background. Then, true to form, everything unravels around them as they confront their true feelings and overcome their pasts in order to embrace their future together.

The Levanté sisters – Floria, Mimi, Donna and Carmen – are like a family to me. I’ve lived with them for over a year while I’ve written the series. Floria, the vivacious socialite; Mimi, the edgy popstar; Donna, the shy concert violinist; and Carmen, the passionate opera singer. Four very different personalities with one thing in common – Dame Serena. It’s their mother’s legacy that brought them together in book 1 and has impacted their lives both financially and through her reputation as a difficult but exceptionally talented opera singer.

I’ve played with setting too in that First Attempt (Floria’s story) and Third Time Lucky (Donna’s story) are both set in London, Second Chances (Mimi’s story) is set in Sydney, Australia and Forever Yours (Carmen’s story) flits between London and Barcelona.

Forever Yours (Carmen’s Story)
The Levanté Sisters Series – Book 4

A stand-alone ‘forbidden love’ romance by Amazon Bestselling Author, Louise Rose-Innes.

A new start…
After finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Carmen is devastated. How could she not have seen this coming? The warning signs were there, but she was blinded by love. Never again will she fall into that trap. With her opera-singing career on the rise, Carmen moves to London for a new start. She signs with the up-and-coming boutique artist agency, Adagio, run by the charismatic and dynamic Jet Anderson. Despite their obvious attraction, Jet is lethal with women, and Carmen is determined not to fall under his spell. A task that is easier said than done…

An old wound…
Jet has met hundreds of beautiful women in his life but none are a match for the Spanish-born opera singer, Carmen Levanté. After a devastating relationship destroyed his first marriage and ended his own singing career, Jet is determined to hold the exotic and talented beauty at a distance. That is until Carmen gets beneath his skin, and he begins to fall…

FOREVER YOURS is the fourth book in the Levanté Sisters sisters series by Amazon Bestselling author Louise Rose-Innes, but can be read as a stand-alone romance. If you like gut-wrenching romance and an emotional happy ever after, then this book is for you!

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