My Christmas Gift

My Christmas Gift

November 16, 2018 0 By admin

Christmas is a time for gratitude, and to say thank you to all my wonderful subscribers who’ve supported me over this year, I am giving away a free copy of THE ITALIAN INHERITANCE, my bestselling contemporary romance novel.

THE ITALIAN INHERITANCE is set on the romantic Mediterranean island of Capri off the Italian Amalfi coast. It’s a pristine area with sparkling blue water so clear you can see the bottom, pretty, white-washed buildings covered in bougainvilleas and narrow, cobbled alleyways filled with the scintillating aroma of Italian food. The Italian men are handsome and tanned, the women stylish and beautiful (although with all that glorious food, I’m not sure how).

I visited Capri the year before my son was born when I was still able to roam around Europe like a nomad and it was still safe to do so. I miss those days! My friend and I climbed Mount Vesuvius, explored the horrors of Pompei, took a ferry down the Amalfi coast (getting very sunburned in the process) and I even met an Italian millionaire who was kind enough to take me on a guided tour of Ischia on his yacht! Lots of inspiration there!

Now my son is older, we’re off on our travels again. Next year I’m heading back to Capri, taking in Sorrento and Positano as well, and am also jetting off to the Greek island of Mykonos for a lazy few weeks on the beach. What could be better? And of course, soaking up the atmosphere and culture for inspiration! So look out for a Greek romance in the near future… 🙂

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Note – this deal is only valid before 21 December 2018. Subscribers will also get a copy of my romantic suspense, A Passion So Wild. That’s two romantic, page-turning books for you to read over the holidays!! 


After discovering a letter written by her mother shortly before her death, Anna Crawford, a London-based nurse, decides to travel to the Italian island of Capri in search of her father. What she doesn’t expect to find is that she’s heir to a vast family fortune. She’s even more surprised when the suspicious trust attorney questions her very identity.

Rafael Vialli has a suspicious nature – it’s the reason he became a lawyer. He blames his rough childhood. It may also have something to do with the fact that in the months since Giovanni Albertosi’s death, he’s been inundated with opportunistic women claiming to be his client’s missing heir.

Can Anna prove to Rafael that she really is the legitimate heir? And can Rafael trust enough to award her the inheritance… as well as his heart?

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