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(SAS Rogue Unit – Book 2)

Reluctant Tour Guide, Anna Swanepoel finds herself stuck in the African bush when her tour bus breaks down and her driver disappears. When her African guide turns up dead, Anna realizes she is now solely responsible for getting these tourists to safety, not an easy feat when you are surrounded by wild animals, illegal poachers, and Somalian gangsters.

Cole Armstrong is out of the British Special Forces for all of 23 days. On his first holiday ever, he decides to explore Africa, and now he finds himself stuck in the middle of a local gang-related vendetta with people turning up dead and a bunch of hapless tourists led by a totally incompetent tour guide who barely seems to be keeping it together. After vowing never to pick up a weapon again, Cole knows he is the only person who can save them.

If you like sizzling passion and high-octane suspense, then you’ll love this next installment in Louise Rose-Innes’s SAS Rogue Unit series.