WordPress For Authors

If you’re an author and you need a website, or you just want to upgrade your existing one, then read on…

Why WordPress?

I’ve been creating WordPress sites for over fifteen years. In my opinion, WordPress is one of the easiest web-building platforms to use. It’s simple, user-friendly and allows you to make changes easily on your own, so you don’t have to pay a web designer to make every little change for you.

Other reasons to use WordPress:

  • It’s mobile friendly so your content displays perfectly on all devices.
  • It has built-in SEO (search engine optimization) which means your site is easily found by searchers.
  • It has hundreds, if not thousands, of plugins which enable it to do almost anything you want it to.
  • It has pre-designed themes (templates) which allow you to easily change the look and feel of your site.
  • It’s highly adaptable, so if you want a newsletter signup form or links to social media… Bingo!
  • You can link to other content on your site.
  • You can link to buy pages, such as Amazon and the iBookstore.

What A Good Author Website Should Have

An attractive homepage that sells your books

As an author, you need a homepage that showcases your latest release, and other books. It must provide essential buying information, testimonials and links to your buy pages, whether they be on your own site or a third party like Amazon.

It should sing your praises

Your website should also sing your praises as an author. I know many of us don’t like doing this but come on… You deserve it! You’ve worked hard on that book. You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into it. You’ve made sacrifices. Now it’s your turn to shine. So if you’ve won any awards, got any endorsements or have made a record number of sales, this should be displayed proudly to entice readers to try your books.

It should build your credibility as an author

Again, don’t be shy of your achievements. Celebrate them! There are so many unknown authors out there these days, that it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. In order for a reader to buy a book for an unknown author they must like the story premise, be attracted by the cover design, be comfortable with the price, but they should also have some sense that what they are buying is going to be a good read. How do you give them this? By building your own credibility on your website. Are you a member of any organisations, like the RWA or the RNA? Do you volunteer or help out at any book-related events? Do you give speeches? Anything that you’ve done that could help make you more credible to a reader should go on your website.

Author-friendly plugins

Thank goodness for WordPress plugins… they make our lives SO much easier. Seriously. WordPress has many apps, known as plugins, that make it easier to display information on your author site. Examples of these are links to your Amazon Author Page, GoodReads profile, Social Media icons and Newsletter to name but a few.


Build your subscriber list

Get those subscribers! Yes, we all know we should, but how many of us actually do? Every author should have a newsletter subscription form on their website, linked to a newsletter client like WebMonkey or AWeber, both of which are excellent. This is used to gather names of people who want to be informed about your new releases, promotions or events.

Why Me?

I’ve been designing websites and writing web copy for a long time now.  When I started out, I worked for a web solutions agency and coded in HTML. That’s what websites were made of back then, in the dark ages. After that I got involved with content management systems, which were the next big thing, closely followed by search engine optimization and web copywriting.  I worked for companies such as Vodafone and GlaxoSmithKline, and had a host of smaller clients including boutique hotels and professional individuals.

Now I use WordPress exclusively to create fast, mobile-friendly, professional-looking websites. Why exclusively? Because it’s the easiest thing out there. Why battle with web design software that doesn’t do the job?

Don’t forget I am also an author. I know how hard it is to self-promote!

A great author website has an important job to do, and I can help yours to do it. It’s the platform from which you drive sales, post press releases, launch books and get speaking events. It’s got to build your credibility and make you look good. Above all, it’s where fans can sign up to your newsletter or blog so that you can notify them of future releases and deals. All essential stuff, that I, as an author, understand.

WordPress sites use templates (or themes) which give them a distinctive look-and-feel. With my background, I am able to tweak and add to existing themes to create the kind of website that will work best for you.

I have quick turnaround times and I won’t leave you alone with your new site until you are able to update it all perfectly yourself! That’s a promise because I know how irritating it is to want to do something and have to ask a professional (or worse, pay a professional) before you’re able to do it. And if you have any questions after your website is live, I’m more than happy to assist you.

Contact me for more information on louiseroseinnes (at) gmail (dot) com.